Dreamz Indoor & Outdoor Printing Media

Dreamz Indoor & Outdoor Printing Media

Made in Japan, Dreamz inks are very high in density and purity which ensures smooth running for ink-feeding thereby minimizing clogging for print-heads and extending their durability.
Dreamz inks have low odour, complying with EU environmental regulations. As it has high colour density, you can save up to 50% ink consumption, making it most suitable for applications like back-lit printing. There is no miss-firing of inks and no head clogging and prints dry quickly, obviating the need for lamination. Outdoor durability runs up to 3 years without fading.
Dreamz Inks come in Dye, Pigment, Latex, Solvent & Eco-solvent variants

Dreamz Inkjet Media for Indoor & Outdoor Printing

Dreamz is one of the leading brands in the UAE for coated papers, films, and textiles, tailor-made for individual customer. Our sales and technical teams come with several years of experience and sound technological knowledge to ensure great prints. Dreamz inkjet media are suitable for large format inkjet or laser printing, thermal papers & labels, corrugated packaging materials, films, fabric and vinyl for industrial use.

The following are a variety of Dreamz media available with us:

Dreamz Inkjet PP paper
Dreamz Yellow coated paper
Dreamz Foam Boards
Dreamz Self Adhesive Vinyl
Dreamz Inkjet PET & PVC films
Dreamz Roll-Up stands & media
Dreamz Inkjet premium glossy, semigloss, matte, semimatte papers
Dreamz Fine Art canvas
Dreamz Solvent-based Inkjet media
Dreamz Latex & Eco-solvent-based Inkjet media
Dreamz Hot & Cold Lamination Films
Dreamz Forex Sheets
Dreamz Corrugated Sheets
Dreamz Double-sided Red Tape & Foam tape

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